Saving Herbs

My grandma taught me never to throw anything away.  So I feel quite accomplished to be able to save and store all my left over herbs after I’m done with a recipe.

You know, that recipe, the one that you have to buy a bunch of parsley for, but it only calls for like 2 tbsp? What do you do with all the leftovers? I hated throwing it out, and I hated the green goo that it turned into at the bottom of my fridge cripser drawer, and I couldn’t find enough other things that had parsley in it to cook it all up….so I found out this!

If you chop it up, and freeze it in olive oil, you can save it and use it anytime you need! Seriously.  You can.

I love to use these little silicone molds to freeze my herbs in because its so easy to pop them out.  I just put all the little “cubes” into a jar and store in the freezer until I need them! I use oil because most of the time my recipes are fine to add a bit of olive oil to, but you can use water as well if for some reason you don’t want to use olive oil.

Thanks, grandma!



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