Succulent Workshop

This was, by far, the most popular workshop we’ve done.  Chalk it up to the ever rising popularity of succulents, or our awesome personalities…..


Give a crowd some cool containers, some beautifully created succulents, and some supplies and you’ve got yourself a pretty fun evening.

We’d love to host a workshop for you! Contact us and let us know how we can help you plan a fun evening with friends.

~April & Angie


Mason Jar Wall Vase

Any mason jar project seems to be a hit.  They are the perfect item to use. Inexpensive, sturdy, and so. many. options.

I loved this workshop.  I loved helping people figure out what they wanted, as well as helping them execute it.


For more pics check out our facebook page!


Hope to hand make with you soon!

~Angie & April


Canvas Art Workshop

I’m continually impressed with the individual projects each of our guests make each time we do a workshop.  People walk in, not always confident in their ability to make something, and leave feeling accomplished because they finished a project and its made exactly like they wanted it to be.  We provide the supplies, and a bit of encouragement, and our guests do the rest.  It’s really a great feeling.

For our canvas workshop, April and I got to sit down with everyone and make something as well. It was a night that was good times for all!


Want to host a workshop? Want to have a girls night in, or an evening with your friends? Shoot us an email and we can make it happen for you

~Angie & April

Baby Shower

What a fun way to celebrate a new baby! Guests made the mason jar dispenser and then were able to make their own soap to go inside.  We used Washi Tape, oil pens and stencils and two of our tried-and-true castile soap recipes to complete the project.  Everyone was sent home with a practical, yummy smelling party favor, and the mama to be was excited that when her sweet little girl arrived she had a diy soap she could direct guests to wash with before handing over her little one.

Want to book an event with us? Email us and we will tailor it exactly to the needs that you have!

Looking forward to hand-making something wonderful with you!

~Angie and April~