Pinterest Fail

I think it’s something we’ve all done.

We’ve seen something on Pinterest and thought “I can totally do that!”.

And then, maybe you try it.

And maybe you get so mad that you fling the project across the room, and give up on crafting for the rest of your life. And then you think to yourself…”seriously, it can’t be that hard. I must’ve not been doing it right” so you try again, only to burn yourself on an open candle flame, and hurt your pride even more. ┬áThen you pick up all the failed efforts and toss them in the trash.

Then, your stubborn nature, (the one that your husband has a love/hate relationship with) kicks in once again, and because you’re a glutton for punishment you attempt to try it again.

You know. *Those* kind of projects on Pinterest.

Is it just me?

*awkwardly taps microphone*

Is this thing on?

Here’s the “simple” flower made up on melted plastic spoons, that probably reduced my life span by a bit as I inhaled toxic fumes that I tried to make.

Aaaaaand fail.